Day 1

You will arrive at Dijon and stay the night in beautiful Morey St Denis

Hotel Castel de Tres Girard

I will be there to meet you in the train station of Dijon, where you will arrive by TGV (high speed train).

I will accompany you to our beautiful hotel, which sits in the middle of one of the most distinguished vineyards of the Côtes de Nuits.

After freshening up and maybe taking a walk through the town an apéritif will be offered. We will then enjoy an exclusive Burgundian dinner in the dining room of the hotel and all get acquainted.

Dinner is included.

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Day 2

Beaune - Hotel Les Remparts - Visit to a winery

Hotel des Remparts

After breakfast we will take the route des Grands Crus to our hotel in Beaune where you will be staying for 3 nights. The Hotel Les Remparts is partly built into the ancient town walls of Beaune and offers rooms with a medieval touch.

In the afternoon we will visit a fine winery. A certified wine expert will introduce you to some beautiful burgundy wines and inform you on the art of wine-making. Be sure to take a warm pullover with you, wine cellars can be very cold!

In the evening we will all dine in a restaurant near the hotel with good French cuisine.

Dinner is included.

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Day 3

Beaune - Tour through the vineyards and Clos Vougeot

Clos Vougeot

Musée Beaux Arts

The morning is perfectly suited for a leisurely walk around Beaune to discover this very French wine town through its attractive streets and shops, its architecture and historical buildings. Visit the beautiful Musée des Beaux Arts, which lies next to the Tourist Office. Choose a sidewalk café for a coffee or a brasserie to have some light lunch.

At 2 o'clock a bus taxi will pick you up at your hotel and take you on a tour through the vineyards, visiting the Clos Vougeot, then on to the famous vineyards of Romanée Conti and ending your afternoon with some wine tasting.

In the evening we will dine in a restaurant nearby, which is known for its typical quality Burgundy cuisine. We will go there on foot.

Dinner is included.

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Day 4

Beaune - Hôtel-Dieu - Food Market - Fixin

Hospice de Beaune

Hospice de Beaune interior

In the morning we visit the Hospice de Beaune, also known as Hôtel-Dieu, which was the first official hospital in Western Europe. Finished in 1443! We will go there on foot.

In one of the wings of the Hospice there is a museum with famous gobelins from the Renaissance period and paintings by Rogier van der Weyden, a Belgian painter of the same period. Don't miss it! When leaving the Hospice you will find yourself looking at the food market.

At 12:30 the bus will be waiting nearby to take you to the beautiful wine village of Fixin, where we will all have a lunch on the terrace if the weather permits.

Lunch is included.

After lunch you are welcome to have a walk through the village before going back to the hotel. Dinner is of your own initiative and choice.

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Day 5

Puligny-Montrachet - Les Gagères - Visit to winemakers Janots & Bos - Wine tasting and lunch

Les Gagères

Today we will be moving to a country house, Les Gagères, where you will be staying for 3 nights. Puligny-Montrachet is known for its excellent Burgundy wines. We will be visiting a wine cellar in the neighbouring village of Meursault. This wine cellar belongs to 2 wine experts, one Dutch and one French.

After this visit and a wine-tasting session, we will have lunch on the spot with French and local cheeses, cured meats and salads and delicious French bread, in the open if the weather permits, and if not, in the wine cellar.

After lunch you are free to spend your afternoon and evening as you like.

Lunch is included.

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Day 6

Puligny-Montrachet - Chateau de Pommard - Art gallery - Chateau la Rochepot

Chateau de Pommard

Chateau la Rochepot

In the morning after breakfast a taxi bus will take you to nearby Pommard, where you will visit the Chateau de Pommard. There you will be taken on a tour through the cellars, be given information on its special status, taste some Pommard wines and be able to visit the exclusive art gallery which exhibits modern art works this season. Permanent sculptures by Dalí are to be seen in the central courtyard of the Chateau.

In the afternoon I would like to take you to one of the most beautiful historical castles of Burgundy, Le Chateau de Rochepot, 10 kms away. In the evening we will dine in a good restaurant in or near Meursault.

Dinner is included.

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Day 7

Puligny-Montrachet - Musée Bibracte

Musée Bibracte

Gaulois with horse

At 12.30 sharp, we will take a drive through the lush countryside to visit the famous Bibracte Museum, a ride of 71 kms. This museum recalls the Gallo-Roman times and exhibits the finds of many generations of Gauls and Romans. The open archaeological digs further up the hill are open to the public. The building sits in the middle of a natural park and is in itself an architectural beauty, originally designed to contain the tomb of president Mitterand.

We expect to be back around 7 o'clock pm. This is the last evening that we will all have dinner together. We will dine in Le Chevreuil, which has a renowned restaurant.

Dinner is included.

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Day 8

Departure day

This morning we will all say goodbye and the bus taxi will then take you to the TGV station of Dijon in time for your train back to Paris.


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